Well, it's only been 3 years and four months since my last haircut. I was jealous of Joey Pants and his hair growth efforts then. Add some laziness on my part to that inspiration, and well, this was the result.

 I only drove around the barber shop for an hour mustering up the courage to actually do myself, and more importantly, others, a favor. I finally grabbed a seat, and found a young lady who knew exactly what was up my sleeve...a 10-inch hair donation.


Minutes later, it was gone! I had no idea that 10 inches was going to be such a drastic change. A change, as you can see, I initially met with pure skepticism. What had I done? My hair looks like Jeff Daniels' on Dumb and Dumber. At least I figured out why a stranger called me Harry afterwards. I, of course, initially thought some dumb ass was calling me "hairy". It took me a few minutes to catch on.

 But, last Thursday, when I stopped by the Dorsey School of Cosmetology for Fox 47's Sarah Swistak's Swisstrong event to drop off my donation, I remembered that there was a bigger purpose behind my decision. No hairstyle can ever save this ugly mug face for radio. But, it might, just maybe, help make a difference in somebody else's life.