UPDATE: Tom Izzo responds to the conspiracy theory--click here to see what he had to say

Remember back in December when Michigan State hoops was undefeated and No. 1 in the country, then Denzel Valentine went down with a knee injury?

Well, like seemingly most things these days, there's a conspiracy theory about it.

It comes from former Ohio State basketball player Mark Titus.You may remember him for his popular blog, Club Trillion, where he documented his college basketball experiences. He also contributed to the now-defunct sports writing website Grantland.

Anyway, Titus' hypothesis goes something like this: Izzo, ever the basketball mad scientist, was worried his team was peaking too soon back in December, so he and Valentine faked the knee injury so that the Spartans would incur some adversity and suffer some setbacks, ultimately in an effort to sharpen them and set them up for a true peak as March encroaches.

Titus laid it all out on Twitter back in December: