It's nice being at the top of the food chain. We can pull a rare creature out of it's environment, pass it around for selfies and when it dies of dehydration, we can just chuck it in the trash. That is what happened in Argentina the other day.

It's a La Plata Dolphin and their numbers have been in decline. The highly intelligent dolphins are one of the smallest of the species and can live to about 20 years old... When people aren't killing them by taking selfish, narcissistic pictures of themselves with the cute critters.

"Will the selfie thing ever end?" Is what Deb Hart said after I told her about this story. It is very upsetting to animal lovers but a clear sign of the selfie times. We would kill an animal just for likes. Then leave his dead carcass on the beach. Click here to read the full story from the Daily Dot and see some of these "people."