While out on one of my typical garage sale excursions, I came across a group of large wooden poles with wooden beams crossing the top. All in rows, looking like the Appian Way. From the poles, hung long strings and vines growing upward. Many years of craft and imported beer enjoyment, told me that this was a hop farm!

Hops lend their bitterness and floral aroma, in many different ways. They can be bitter and have a perfume-like, floral aroma and flavor to an IPA, or can be very subtle and leave less of an impact.

A few years ago, there was a hop shortage and threatened the production of many of the craft beers because of the high cost.

I'm not quite sure what types of hops are being grown here and what types flourish in the Michigan climate, but I did actually try to get the story from the farm owner to no avail.

So if anyone in the Mason area knows whose hop farm this is, I would love to find out!