Wilford Brimley has looked 80 years old for the entire time I have known who he was. Back in the 80's, he looked 80. He became the Quaker Oats pitch man, who else could have America trusted when it came to oats than an old man?

This morning we were playing "Getting Brimley" and the question was: Wilford Brimley starred in a movie in 1985 with Steve Guttenberg, IMDB calls it the 20th best movie of 1985.

Well, it was Cocoon. One of the calls we received was from Ken Bentley, who said his grandpa was a spitting image of Wilford. He sent me a picture to compare and indeed, it looks like they could be brothers. Do you have a famous doppelganger in your life? Someone who looks like someone famous? Send your pictures to joey.pants@townsquaremedia.com.

A few years ago, I posted on Facebook I met Sam Elliot and people walked up to him and asked him for his autograph. It was my friend Fred. He loves the attention.

Courtesy of the Pants Stash

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