Yesterday, I was driving to Kohl's to do some shopping. When I turned on Saginaw from Waverly, I noticed a big WHITE cloud of smoke. I hoped it was another car. It was not. I pulled in to O'Reilly's and all of my coolant dumped on to the ground.

My wife is working in Detroit so, I didn't have a lot of options. I called her and she said we had a free tow thanks to our Auto Owners Insurance. The whole time I was thinking, "I hope they send the TOOLMAN!"

The very thorough and helpful dude told me Northside Towing would be there in 45 minutes. Northside called a half hour later saying "Tim would be there in a few minutes."

I said "The Toolman?"

"Yeah?" the guy on the phone said.

A few minutes later. The Toolman arrived.

Toolman and Pants

A few minutes later, we were at Randall Automotive on MLK. I was a bit rattled and forgot it was Wednesday and thought it was Tuesday, so I grabbed my golf clubs.

As I was sitting by Randall, a mail truck pulled up. The guy looked at my clubs and said "golf night."

I said "perfect day for the car to breakdown."

He said. "You're Joey Pants."

Very surprised and having my day made, I said "yeah." It was my Facebook friend and listener Stan Karamol.

It's a small world after all.

It's kind of hard to have a bad day when you see so many smiling, familiar faces.