According to multiple media reports, Lansing Township Police Chief Kay Hoffman confirms that a LTPD officer shot and killed a man this afternoon during a traffic stop on West Kalamazoo Street around 1:30PM Monday afternoon. Media reports state that the vehicle that was involved in the traffic stop had three occupants. As of 7:00PM Monday, no details are currently available regarding the nature of the stop, whether another weapon was involved, how many shots were fired, or the identities of those involved. According to this article at, Chief Hoffman did confirm that the deceased is not of African-American descent. But, no details regarding specific race have been given. An article at states that the officers involved are on paid administrative leave.

As a result of the incident, Sexton High School was on a "shelter in place" alert for nearly 40 minutes. Stay with this article, as it will be updated as more information becomes available.