I LOVE the movie Major League and this story had me laughing out loud. Then, I thought, Cleveland is 9-0 against Detroit this year... Maybe this Jobu is actually working?


Pedro Cerrano was a character in the 1989 movie, Major League starring Charlie Sheen, Wesley Snipes and Tom Berenger. Pedro was a power hitter who worshiped the Voodoo God, Jobu. "It is VERY BAD to steal Jobu's rum!"

In the end, Jobu provided Cerrano with the power to hit the big home run. Now, in real life, the Cleveland Indians have a shrine devoted to Jobu in their clubhouse.

It must be working, the Tribe are in first place. You can see more of the story by clicking here. The Tribe made the World Series in the movie with Jobu... We'll see if life imitates the movies.