My buddy Kevin visited this morning. He knew I was going tubing this weekend in Roscommon. I took these pics with Deb's phone, that's why this one is blurry.

The last time Mrs. Pants and I were in Roscommon, we ended up on a sand 2 track with an unpleasant conversation. "This is how horror movies begin." She said. We ended up turning around and found our way there without being murdered. My niece took the 2 track all the way and saved 20 minutes. Anyway, when we arrived, we had one of our favorite weekends as a couple. So, now we tube every year. This is our big tubing weekend. Last year, I saw this video before we went tubing. NOT SAFE FOR WORK. PROFANITY WARNING. Awesome Hilarious profanity.

Beer shorts seem like a great gift idea for the beer chugger in your life. Click here for more info. Great for golf, the BBQ or tubing! You do a lot of drinking while not tubing.

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