Everywhere you travel outside of Michigan, there are regional favorites. Here we have Koegel's, Vernor's and Faygo. When in Canada, I load up on Intense Pickle Doritos! There is absolutely nothing like them.

Everywhere I go, I try and find something that we don't have here in Michigan. While in Florida, I found little bag of tasty goodness. UTZ potato chips with Chesapeake Bay Crab Seasoning. Honestly? They were quite good! The surely rivaled the newest "Greektown Gyro" and "West Coast Truffle Fries" flavor. Truth be told, those are two flavors that I wish I would have never tried.

I know a trip to Canada is in my near future, I just can't say when. There are far too many out there that try and place orders for the Intense Pickle Doritos. Sorry, my truck isn't that big.