I have had skin grafts. When I got in my accident, my thighs were burned so bad they took skin off a dead body and grafted it to me. 15 years later, I am still grateful and have pledged to donate my skin when I die. I also had my own groin muscle graft attached to my hands. The skin didn't take but the muscle did. Now, strange hair grows in strange places but I can use my hands!

A few years ago, a buddy of mine lost his thumb. They took one of his toes, attached it to the thumb and sewed it in his belly for a few months to grow. The man has a thumb now.

Science is pretty amazing. What these doctors did in China looks like something out of a George R. Romero film. Click here to see the full story. This Chinese feller had his hand amputated and they kept it alive for 4 months in his leg until the doctors could reattach it.

Freaking people out would have been my first reaction to this. You have to have fun with it.

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