Have you ever went on a drunken bender? We all have. This one takes the cake. This story came from a Florida McDonald's. A young topless lady didn't get the service she desired and went off. She may have more issues than Playboy but she knows how to put on a show for attention. (don't they all, fellas?)

My favorite part is when she starts eating the ice cream. A very classy and flattering shot I'm sure she's proud of. To desecrate such a fine institution as McDonalds!? Has she no shame? Clearly not. The commentary is pretty awful but there is a mute. It's further proof B*^#he$ be trippin'. What would you do if you were a dude working? Try talking sense to this raving, naked lunatic? Or maybe watch it all unfold from the managers office?

You know what they say "Hell hath no fury like a woman denied a happy meal." Or something? I imagine this happens every spring break at in Florida. Damn Yankees coming down there and can't control the sauce. I would have got out my camera and started taping. You can check out the unedited version at this site but there is swearing and nudity, so kids ask your parents permission. After school special... Over. I'm sure her parents are proud.

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