We are remodeling our bathroom with a Star Wars theme. So, we have been looking for unique Star Wars items to have in our bathroom. At Walmart, I found an AWESOME Darth Vader floor mat that will really ties the room together, man.

Yesterday, it came to my attention that there is a female "back massager" on the market called the "Darth Invader!" Click here to see this very real product. On to other Star Wars product that look like dildos, Duran shared the Star Wars Dive Characters. Click here to see them.

Finally, my friend Jen shared this on my page yesterday. It's kind of hard to explain but in simple terms, it's a Star Wars Burlesque show. I know my wife would take me. Make sure you share it with your perverted Star Wars friends. You have to login to Facebook to see the video. Or click here to check it out.


Star Wars: The Empire Strips BackYep, there's a Star Wars burlesque parody now.

Posted by HuffPost Australia on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

This is sure to bring "piece" to the galaxy.