The MSU football team reported for camp today. They kick off the season on August 29th against Jacksonville State. MSU starts the season #8 on the preseason Coaches Poll.

Spartan Stadium has come a long way since I attended my first game in 1993. It's gone from a Stadium with no personality, to the GO GREEN! GO WHITE fights. Green filled fans screaming"1,2,3 FIRST DOWN, B--CH!" Zeke the Wonder Dog draws the awes and the "Helmet Shuffle" gets everyone's attention. The product on the field ain't too shabby either. MSU won ALL their home games last year. Now, the Stadium is looking like a dominion fit for a championship football team. Thanks in large part to Athletic Director Mark Hollis and a generous donation from former Spartan Flozell Adams. "Flozell the Hotel" made a $1.5 million dollar donation in his mothers name, Rachel Fairman Adams. The locker room now bears her name. Coach Mark Dantonio tweeted some awesome pictures. Click here to see the Dantonio gallery. MSU Corporate Chef Kurt Kwiatkowski took a tour of some of the gorgeous renovations at Spartan Stadium and shared these pictures with us.

The lounge with the glass wall of windows is the new 'recruits lounge'.

The Kyler Elsworth mural symbolizes everything I love about MSU. "Everybody can make a play." Kyler walked on at MSU and only played sparingly but always excelled when given the opportunity. He got to start his final game in place of suspended Max Bullough. Kyler made the biggest tackle of this Spartan generation against Stanford to secure the Rose Bowl win. Things like that make everyone hang around and keep chopping. Updating and investing in the Stadium has already helped Michigan State compete for the top recruits in the nation. They already have 11 players committed for 2015. The Stadium upgrade has a lot to do with that. Oh, and winning the Rose Bowl didn't hurt either.

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I have to add this note. I was not a fan of the Spartan head logo at first but it has grown on me and branded Michigan State better than I ever imagined. Try driving through campus without seeing one.