The debate about who has the bigger geek fan base Star Wars or Star Trek is being waged. Can't we all just get along? Here is Darth Vader debating with the REAL Captain: Jean Luc Picard.

I love them both but if I had to choose, it would be Star Trek because they offer a much more diverse selection of women. In Star Wars, basically Princess Leia is like the only chick in the Universe? The Star Trek ships are filled with a selection of pretty ladies. So, that is the main reason.

Star Wars, Empire and Jedi are so much better than any Star Trek movie but Star Trek offers thousands more hours of entertainment.  Star Wars had lightsabers! Star Trek has phasers. Star Wars had the Rancor! Star Trek had William Shatner. Star Wars had the STORMTROOPERS. Star Trek had the Borg! Star Wars and Star Trek both offer hope in deep space but Star Wars just spoke to me at an early age. Star Trek has meant more to me as I have gotten older. Both are awesome and picking one is like splitting hairs.

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