It seems like ever since I have been here, I have heard Mike calling in to the show. I have talked about my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.) and Mike called one day to tell me about his P.T.S.D. Comparing scar stories, he wins hands down. I am honored to have such a hero in our audience. Mike has many sleepless nights due to his P.T.S.D. He has come up with a very productive, creative outlet. He makes a range of products by tying paracord or parachute cord. You can see his work by clicking here.

Mike called in on Veterans Day and here is that conversation. 

To learn more about P.T.S.D service dogs check out

Support your soldiers with more than words. Some really great gift ideas here.

Mike also found out disabled Veterans do not have to pay property taxes and shared his finding with our listeners. Click here to listen.