I found this list to be pretty accurate. Click here to see The Top 10 signs you were born and raised in Michigan. They were pretty good, but let's have some fun.

Here are my top 5 ways to recognize a Michigander.

#5. When driving "up north", the typical Michigander will accelerate to 70 miles per hour when you hit the passing zone. Then decelerates to 55 after the passing zone. Michigan is the proud birthplace of the "Time Terrorist." We will terrorize your drive and your time.

#4. When driving on the expressway, every Michiganer feels entitled to the fast lane, as long as they are doing the speed limit. Blinkers are optional in most of our vehicles. The law says "the left lane is for passing only" but we aren't gonna let some sign tell us what to do.

#3. When someone cuts you off and you pass them, they have the right to flip you the bird. That is PURE Michigan right there.

#2. When you can't go to the city without packing your 9 mm. You might be from Michigan.

#1. When I see a lost soul wearing a blue and gold jersey, most likely bought at Wal Mart. Walking around with a dazed look on their face, clinging to a storied past, spouting off about how good they are going to be. Until the season starts. Go Green!

Really, I kid Michigan fans, without you and your arrogance, this rivalry thing might get pretty boring.

The REAL #1 way to spot a Michigander is when they point to their palm to tell you where they live, where they are from or where they are going.

Even if I wan't on the radio, this is where I would choose to live. The Michigan people, for the most part, are loyal, hard working and honest. Those are values I believe in and wouldn't want to live ANYWHERE else. We know how to party in the Mitten.

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