Once in a while, standing in a line or waiting for the sweet embrace of death, you hear someone say something that just doesn't seem right. Letting you know that this person is not from the area. I would love to hear yours. Here are a few of mine. Working in Lansing for the past 20 years, I have heard a few.

#1. "Wow, what a beautiful city this is!" It sure beats Hell.

#2. "What does QD mean?" Dude, if you don't know, I am not gonna tell ya.

#3. "What is ARE E OH Town?" It's REO Town! One of the top 25 things to do in Lansing. 

#4. "You guys have a lot of great concert venues here!" Yup, a regular tour town here.

#5. "No one famous came from Lansing." Just Magic Johnson, Burt Reynolds and Matthew Lilliard. I may have been reaching with Matthew Lillard but I'll take him over Steven Seagal.

#6. "Do you need anything from Meijer or Kroger? It's Meijers and Krogers, we put the s on stuff where it doesn't go around here.

#7. "There are some really smooth roads around here!" Some of the finest in Michigan!

#8. "Where can I guy find a pot shop around here?" Have you tried opening your eyes?

#9. "You guys sure like to burn couches." That is EAST Lansing.

#10. "A lot of famous bands came from Lansing." Really?

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