I used the headline to lure angry old white guys in...

My kid and I go to this park in Webberville. It has a swing set, slide and a playground to tire her out. One of the toys was donated by the Turner family. It's a little toy tractor that my daughter loves to play on.

Before she gets on it, she always points to the picture of William Turner, the guy the toy is dedicated to. EVERY TIME, she'll go and point at Mr. Turner. I wondered why.

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From the Pants Stash
From the Pants Stash

I started to take pictures of her doing it. Then, one day I heard her say "Pop-pop."

That is code word for her grandpa. My father in-law used to watch her quite a bit. Once January hit, we decided to try and keep the grandparents safe and kept her home a lot more. She clearly misses her grandpa.

After I took the picture, a walker named Kyle walked by on the track and said hi. My daughter went running after him too. He looks just like Pop-pop's neighbor.

I sent my father in-law the pictures and told him the story. He said all us old, white haired guys look the same. They are all pop-pops.

So, it isn't just me. All these old white guys really do look alike.

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