This story inspired and motivated the hell out of me. Plus, made me laugh a little and reminded me of my own wonderful grandmothers.

Julia "Hurricane" Hawkins just set another world record. Click here to see the full story. 

She is 103 years old and just set the record for a 50 Meter Dash in the Women's 100 Plus race in New Mexico. She posted a blistering time of 46.07 seconds.  She didn't even start running until she was in her hundreds. She holds 2 World Records. Julia trains by working in her garden.

She prefers "The Flower Lady" over "Hurricane."

The Flower Lady credits the sport of running with keeping her mind sharp. She hopes she inspires people to be healthy and you can do this at 103 years old.

Julia is the 5th Golden Girl in my eyes.

Michigan is now the 12th oldest state in the union. Click here to check out that story.






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