I have a very good friend who used to race motocross. Now, his kids and his nephew race. They are all under 15. They are all I thought of when I read this story.

A 15 year-old from Illinois died Saturday at a race in Millington, Michigan.

Apparently, he fell off his bike and the other riders were unable to avoid striking him.

If you know a first responder/medical professional who needs some help after witnessing horror. Have them check this story out.

Our first responders are sometimes punished for seeking mental health. This program can help them because there is no paper trail. They can seek much needed therapy and not face repercussions.

The above is the same with Military personnel and their families. Soldiers are punished and not promoted after they admit they have PTSD. Click here to see how they can get help. 

Thoughts and prayers go out to the family and the other riders who saw it.



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