My dad was a volunteer firefighter in Webberville for over 25 years. When I was a kid, there was fire next door and my dad went to help. He became a fireman that day. Every holiday, every night the beepers went off, he left us to go help people.

One fire at a trailer park changed my dad forever. He pulled a dead 5 year-old boy out of the flames. I saw him a week later and he was still white as a ghost. He wouldn't talk. He wouldn't look at me. He was broken, as anyone would be.

Now, do you think a volunteer firefighter has the proper mental health access? Or how about the people who carry guns for a living? Wouldn't it be great if they had access to treatment and help for their PTSD?

My dad NEVER got the help he desperately needed. He eventually stopped going to fires and quit being a fireman. I believe it was directly because of that incident.

Recently my nephew was involved in an accident that resulted in loss of life. The first responder from that accident is going through the same thing my dad did.

My friend Dr. Pamella Montgomery is spearheading the Wilberforce Initiative. This is therapy for first responders, police, firefighters, EMT's AND their immediate families with significant others. It includes talk therapy, EMDR, yoga, PTSD counseling and she has a support Collie, Spencer, to help you find peace. He really is awesome. The yoga will be instructed by Debra Hart.

If you don't want to claim mental health on your insurance, she is working around that with grants and donations. Get more info on her by clicking here. 

Dr Pamella







Her office number is 517-347-7736

She is currently accepting donations from people like us. Also an account is being created to assist the cause. I will get the info here once I have it. It's a project in motion.

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