2020 was rough for everyone. Especially if you own a business. If you were able to stay open and to make it to the end of the year, that's a blessing.

Chances are you were like the rest of us. Looking forward to the end of the year and the start of 2021. A fresh start and hopefully the beginning of a better year.

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But what happens when ON NEW YEAR'S DAY you find out that someone tried to turn your business into a drive through?

And the car was still there.

Welcome to Brown Floral Co. in Jackson.

Police believe the car was heading south on S. Blackstone Street when the driver ran the stop sign at W. Morrell Street, left the road and hit the building, Jackson Police and Fire Services Director Elmer Hitt said. It does not appear the driver tried to stop before hitting the building, Hitt said. (MLive)

The accident is believed to have happened early New Year's morning and the car was found inside the building the evening of January 1st.


Credit: Brown Floral Co. via Facebook

The driver left the scene of the accident, no one was in the building other than the store cat and it appears to have not been injured.

This one hurts the folks who own it and the people of Jackson in several ways. Brown Floral Co. is noted as Jackson’s oldest still-operating business, transitioned from a grocery store to flower shop in 1865 and the fourth generation of the original owners are running the business today. (MLive)

The owner of the store has been in and out of the hospital with Covid-19 issues and now...

Credit: Brown Floral Co. via Facebook

Take a look at the photos in the Facebook post. One of them has a shot of the license plate of the black Honda that crashed into the building. An investigation is underway. An outpouring of support has been shown by the community.

If you know anything, please contact the Jackson Police Department.

And of course if you can, give the folks at Brown Floral Company your business. They truly could use it.


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