Some you may know, some you may not. Putting this list together, I discovered Michigan has a LOT of funny and good looking people who made it in Hollywood.

Magic Johnson won't be on the list, I am referring to actors or directors. Kate Upton isn't on the list either because I don't REALLY consider her an actress. They are in no particular order.

Some of my favorite people in Hollywood are from Michigan. Where they are from is kind of surprising. A few years ago, my buddy reached out to Seth Meyers to see if he really grew up in Okemos. Seth's response on twitter went right up on his wikipedia page. He was raised in Okemos, Michigan, from four to ten years of age.

Lansing is well represented on the list. Filmmaker John Hughes was from here. He made some of the greatest movies ever.

Of course, Jeff Daniels has always represented our state well. Even when he was blowing up that toilet in "Dumb and Dumber."

Who is your favorite actor from Michigan?

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