At least they had great taste in music.

Everyone gets pissed because we have Stay at Home orders, yet NO ONE want to follow the rules. I get, they are young people but young people have died from COVID-19 too. It something that keeps me up every night, still.

So, Diamond Lake made the national news but they weren't the only lake in Michigan to break the rules. I went to a beach in Howell. While no one was wearing masks and it was very busy, everyone kept their distances. It does make you feel like Jaws though, like their is this unseen danger lurking.

While there were no deaths reported in Michigan yesterday for the first time since March. There is no doubt we will see a 4th of July spike. Michigan once was on the path to contain the virus but that is NO LONGER the case. Click here to see that story. We are now in the medium risk category, by we, I mean LANSING.

Everyone wants this over. It is clear now, they opened things up too quickly. I have no doubt if the numbers keep going up, we will ALL be ordered back to our homes. NOBODY WANTS THAT.

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