I don't know why but some Grinch is going around taking a bunch of 4 lane roads and making them 2 lanes with a turning lane. Some used to have 4 lanes AND a turn lane. Now, the roads are wider as you sit behind someone doing 10 miles under the speed limit... Remembering what it was like when you were able top pass them and enjoy your life.

It first happened this year in Okemos. Central Park Drive used to have 4 lanes and a turn lane but the Grinch got it. Now, it's a wide 2 with a turn lane. People don't know how to turn that corner without cutting lanes so, that one I KINDA get but still HATE.

The Jolly Road one pisses me off, they ruined the road, I hope they are happy.


It used to be 4 lanes from Dobie to Okemos Rd. Now, it is mostly 2 lanes, plus, a bike lane with one small 4 lane opening from Alaiedon Pkwy to Hulett Rd. Giving you one last chance to gun it past the time terrorist in front of you, that went slow until you tried to pass him. Then, he gunned it to make you life even more difficult. But LOOKOUT because what used to be a passing lane is now a turning lane for a school where children are not attending in person. ROAD RUINED. My FAVORITE back road drive ruined forever. Thanks Grinch.

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