I used to abuse caffeine. So much so, sometimes I could drink an energy drink before bed and sleep. Even back to school, I used to take NoDoz all time. Well, eventually it caught up with me and my health.

Now, they have caffeine powder. A kid in Australia just lost his life the day before his 22nd birthday due to a caffeine overdose. Click here to see the full story.  

His parents found his body in their bathroom. Now, his dad is warning others about the danger. According to the story, some of the powder is so strong, one teaspoon can be as much as 50 cups of coffee. His dad said he kept the powder in the kitchen and didn't tell anyone. Anyone in the house could have died from a teaspoon if they would have put it in their coffee.

He added some caffeine powder to his protein shake and even posted about it online.



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