Growing up Catholic, I have endured much guilt. But no such guilt gets to me more than that of ordering a juicy cheeseburger on a Friday during the season of Lent,. Only to quickly call the waitress back and change my order to some square fish on a bun.

My worst case of guilt came when I had prepared a lovely dish that included hot dogs on buns, smothered in chili and cheese and baked in the oven! As I sat down in front of the television to partake of this delectable dish, the doorbell to my parents house rang. As I got up to answer it, I was mortified to see Sister Juanita from St. Mary's at the door. Letting her in, I quickly grabbed my TV tray and retreated to my room. Guilt stricken with every sinful bite!

Today, even the fast food chains have caught on to the season by promoting their own special "Limited Time Only" fish item. Limited for about 40 days and then it's back to the same drudgery of their typical menu.

But what hasn't gone away and is a treat to everyone, is the "Friday Night Fish Fry!" The gathering of friends and families to small pubs and social clubs that has been ongoing for generations. The same group of guys battering up the fillets and making sure that they are cooked to a golden perfection. Each batter recipe different and everyone claiming it to be better than the next!

So where are the fish fry's in 2017? Who has the best and why? How long have you been attending the same fish fry? Post places and photos so I can get out and try it for myself.

A stack of walleye filets at Chez Dude Ranch!
A stack of walleye filets at Chez Dude Ranch!



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