When I was a kid, we had a fire in the abandoned house next door. My dad, got up went down to help and ended up becoming a fireman for the next 26 years.

One fire, my dad pulled a deceased 5 year-old from a trailer that had burned down. I saw him a month later and he was still white. It stuck with him until he retired and I KNOW, he still sees that boy when he closes his eyes.

In Webberville, it's a VOLUNTEER firefighter system. These guys volunteer for this. Sure, they are paid but it's not nearly enough.

Each year in our town for the past 70 plus years, we have had the Ox Roast at the Fire Hall. You go buy a burger, say hi and thanks to your local firefighters. You see everyone from town and you go to the beer barn to relive old memories.

It all starts Friday at noon and wraps up Sunday with FFA Chicken BBQ at noon.


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