The town of Webberville welcomes you to the 73rd Annual Leroy Township Fire & Rescue Ox Roast Friday September 27th and 28th. Ox Burgers are served starting at noon on Friday and Saturday with the LEGENDARY Ox Burger Eating Contest.

My daughter got her first taste of an Ox Burger last year.

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For years, my dad was a firefighter and organized the volunteers. After that, my wife and I helped organize and announce the parade for about 10 years... Until we had our Nugget.

The fun wraps up on Sunday with the Webberville FFA Chicken BBQ. Mr. William Wheeler has helped organize this for as long as I can remember. You are supporting a great cause and getting a great meal!

There is a craft barn, THE BEER BARN from the Webberville Lions Club and live music Friday and Saturday. Handsome Pete plays Friday at 6. Hollywood Vinyl will play Saturday at 6 pm. See the flyer below for all the details.

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