When I was a kid and even now, I look forward to November and the colder weather. It usually means lots of deer activity with the rut about to commence. The activity of El Nino and warmer temps have prompted more shorts and flip-flops on the golf course frame of mind. So it's hard to get into the right frame of mind. Even though it's warmer out, November 15th is still on the calendar and should be no surprise to anyone! So here are a few tips for the upcoming gun/deer season.

1) Sight your gun in ahead of time and put it away. That way, it's ready for your trip to deer camp.

2) Make sure your hunting license now! Avoiding the last minute lines at your local retailer with all of the other people that failed to know that November 15th is almost here.

3) The same goes for getting your ammunition. Get it now so you're not going to 20 different locations to get the latest and greatest slug or cartridge because the ones that you bought last year are no good. (Ammo doesn't expire. Unless of course you have Grandpa's old paper hulled ammo. Then breakdown and get some Remington Slugger's and call good ya tightwad!)

4) Blaze orange is still mandatory. Know the proper amount of body coverage before you enter the woods.

5) And probably the most important: "Know your target and the proper shooting times!" There's nothing that bothers me more than someone touching off at 6:30 AM when LEGAL shooting light isn't until a half an hour later or so. Knowing your target is the most important. There is a certain amount of hunting fatalities than can be avoided every year just by knowing exactly what the target is. BE SAFE AND GOOD HUNTING TO EVERYONE!