Tomorrow night, Bob Seger will be honored with the Legend of Live Award at The Billboard Touring Conference and Awards. In an interview with Billboard released Tuesday, Seger talks about everything from his upbringing to his early career days; his new 2016 LP of updated, previously unreleased material and plans to also tour in 2016, visiting venues on his "bucket list".

Seger even talked a bit about the 2016 Presidential Election. When asked if his political stance favors more Ted Nugent or more Michael Moore, Seger chuckled and stated his support of Hillary Clinton. Bob also says he likes Bernie Sanders, and hopes he is Clinton's VP running mate. And, on the opposite side of the political aisle, he even had kind words for the Bush Family, and explains why he thinks Jeb Bush would also make a good president.

Huh! What do you know??!! A fair, reasonable political view from a man everybody likes!! (It's true! Everyone likes Bob! Sparky Anderson once told him so!)