During our weekly free feeding frenzy, I went searching for plastic cutlery. As I daringly opened the cupboard door in our studio lounge area, not knowing if I'd find live or dead critters or what I actually was in search of, I came across an item of truth. An item that best describes every last one of us in radio. An item that proves what everybody has known all along. We're full of sh...it!

Now, who knows how long this fiber supplement has been sitting on the shelf. And, trust me when I tell you, it's not as easy as looking at the expiration date. Remember, critters are known to frequent our tidy little dining area in search of their next meal, or a moldy companion in the form of a penicillin petri dish. In other words, I ain't touchin' it!

But, as I got to thinking a little more about how long this could have been in the cupboard, I asked myself why would any of our on-air jocks want to cleanse "it" from our system since being full of "it" is what keeps you all listening? So, it had to belong to our local news reporters. Thus, I have concluded that this fiber supplement has been around since about 1999...when corporate radio eradicated local news from markets like Lansing!