I had to do it.

I knew that Joey would have been disappointed in me if I hadn't taken a picture of the green 'truck nuts' proudly hanging from this vehicle headed south on Cedar Street in Lansing Friday evening. (I took several pictures and this was the best of the lot. I am not known for photographic artistry. Or even basic aptitude.)

You'll have to take my word that the driver's door had a big emblem on it that said something about "Zombie Response Team". Hilarious, but I was pretending to not stare and didn't have the...guts...to take a picture of the vehicle as I was sitting next to it in traffic. I'm pretty sure it was a chick driving the 'Zombie Response Team' Vehicle, but again, I was trying to not stare, so I'm not positive.

This did lead me to wonder about the case of Virginia Tice, who was ticketed in 2011 in South Carolina for proudly displaying truck nuts on her truck. She was 65 years old at the time and she didn't think the local sheriff had the right to ticket her for what she considered a freedom of expression, even if he found it offensive. Best I understand, she fought the ticket on the basis of freedom of expression, but I can't seem to find any verification of how far the case went or what happened.