We here in Michigan love our home produced products. Koegel's, Better Made and Uncle Ray's chips, Faygo and of course, Vernor's Ginger Ale.

When it comes to pop (not soda), Michigander's (not Michiganian's) have been serving the gingery goodness both warm and cold for 150 years. A discovery of James Vernor, a Detroit pharmacist, has been used in a myriad of ways. In my house it was used to cook an occasional ham. Helped calm a rumbling upset tummy and even go over ice cream for a Boston cooler.

And in no way, shape or form, is any other brand of ginger ale acceptable. Someone offering you a Canada Dry or similar brand, may as well spit in your face when it comes to ginger ale. And why are we looked at like we have two heads when we order a Vernor's anywhere else in the country? The fizzy goodness so strong, it literally sucks all of the breath out of your lungs upon the first drink!

For the superfan, Detroit will feature celebrations all week long. If you would like to find a way to honor the enduring spirit of the best ginger ale in the world, check out the Detroit Freep article that was published earlier this week. Until then, I have a euchre game to get back to!

Happy Birthday Vernor's Freep Article - Click Here!