I take my daughter to playgroups. Some of the playgroups are in preschools. I was in a preschool with her a few weeks ago and saw this.

From the Pants Stash

I was amazed at how honest it was. I grew up in the "Just Say No" era with D.A.R.E. and the propaganda was so funny, even as kids we knew they were full of s**t. So, to see something that doesn't portray pot as the devil took me by surprise. As far as the line, "it's not safe for anyone who is high to take care of children"... I guess old habits of telling outright lies is a hard habit to break. Like parenting drunk or on opioids is a good idea. Honestly, half my friends were raised by stoned parents and they turned out amazing.

You want a fact? 7 thousand Americans overdosed and died in 2017. Click here to see it. Some have it over 72 thousand. You don't hear about people overdosing and dying on pot as an epidemic like this opioid thing.

People always call pot the gateway but a large number of people who are prescribed opioids become addicted after trying them for the first time. Here is how opioid addiction occurs from the Mayo Clinic. So, what is really worse. a drug that killed 70 thousand Americans or the one giving people the munchies?

I thought we were going to laugh? Oh, we are. Thanks to my friend Starr for posting this, 

I have never seen this one before today.

From the same website I found this one... I spit out my coffee and it's the hardest I laughed all weekend. Click here to see it.