I read a story this morning that says people who wear glasses are 3 times less likely to get COVID. The big reason is, you touch your eyes less. While getting infected through your eyes is unlikely, COVID droplets move easily from your eye to your nose or mouth. People who wear glasses were 2 to 3 times less likely to get it if they wore their glasses for around 8 hours per day. Some people and a lot of frontline health care workers, wear safety goggles as well as shields for added protection.

While you are probably not going to wear the goggles in public, the glasses info made me happy I have terrible vision.

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Here are 11 of the most famous musicians to wear glasses. Note: I couldn't find a good picture of Jerry Garcia to use or he would have made the list. Also, Weird Al Yankovic in the early years, although I haven't seen him in glasses since the movie UHF.

I am sure I missed a few. Send me a message with your favorite musician in spectacles joey@wmmq.com. Please, NO GRATEFUL DEAD. Musicians ONLY!

The research was done in India and considered "statistically significant."

Click here to see the full story.

I promise, I won't laugh at you if I see you in goggles in public.

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