Have you ever been to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant? I’ve been eating sushi for decades and have never had this experience. This is actually the first time I’ve heard of it.

The Lansing area has some good sushi restaurants already, but none of them offer all you can eat. The new location in Delta Township is located on West Saginaw where the old Outback location used to be.

It’s called Ohana Sushi, and we are not sure yet when it will open its doors.

"We have several, at least five, six, sushi chefs. And show people how to make sushi," said Shubin Wang, the owner of Ohana Sushi. Wang said she wanted to bring the restaurant to Delta Township because,"in Michigan, we haven't seen people have all-you-can eat sushi. We've seen a lot of sushi stores or sushi to-go restaurants."

And even though many fear eating raw fish, some sushi is actually cooked. And the options for your sushi experience are endless, there are so many different things to try.

Many enjoy sushi rolls, which can be a deep fried roll, to an ahi roll or a spicy roll.

There’s also sashimi, which is the sushi without the rice roll, just the delicious fish. And it’s not just rolls and sushi, trending these days are sushi bowls and even sushi burritos.

So whatever your taste desires when it comes to sushi, you are now going to have a new place to experience it, and you can eat all you want.

Shubin Wang, the owner of the new Ohana Sushi, also owns another new restaurant in Delta Township right down the street where the old Finley's Smokehouse and Grill was located, it’s now the Tangy Crab Restaurant.

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It was sad to lose so many dining locations during the pandemic, but it’s great to see and experience some new options in our dining choices. Keep your eye on it. Ohana all-you-can-eat sushi is coming soon to the west side.

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