It’s been one of the toughest years ever for food establishments locally and nationally. Now that we have been through a year of on and off lockdowns, people are getting vaccinated and new businesses are opening here in 2021. Dining establishments are now serving in their dining rooms again, but with a capacity limitation. But that’s ok, at least we are starting to do normal things again in life. Dining out has always been an adventure people enjoy, especially checking out new venues. New restaurants are now opening up in the Lansing area, filling venues that were closed by the pandemic. Now that it’s warm out again, it’s time to go and explore some of these new venues. Here are a few of the new additions to our dining options:

St. John's Brewing Company is a Mount Pleasant based craft beer maker, that also serves a selection of smoked meats, along with several taps offering beers, ciders and seltzers. They are located at 200 N Clinton Ave, St Johns, MI 48879 Check out their website. 

One North Kitchen & Bar

People in Jackson are already familiar with this popular dining option, now they have replaced Reno’s West on W Saginaw with their Lansing location. It’s a sports themed bar that also offers scratch cooking. They offer up 40 beers on tap, their menu includes pizza, burgers and fried foods. They have nicely upgraded the facility, it’s very comfortable. Never got to try the food as the wait was too long due to capacity restrictions. Find them at 5001 W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917 Check out their website 

Sidecar Slider Bar

This venue is already very popular in the Motor City, and this spring it’s coming to Lansing. It’s very simple fare, sliders, hot dogs and side orders. Their motto is to “focus on a few things and do them well.” They also offer craft beer and cocktails, and their highly trained staff will be ready to help. They are located at 500 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48912  Checkout their Facebook 

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It’s always a fun adventure searching out and trying new places to eat. I’m sure as things continue to try and get back to normal we will see more new ventures in the world of dining coming to our area. 

Information on these new venues came from this City Pulse article.


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