Albert Street in downtown East Lansing is closed for the month of June, they call it their El Frisco look and feel. The East Lansing Community Development wanted to have fun with this area which opened at 7am today. Restaurants in the area will be able to provide outdoor seating right on Albert street. The street will be closed from Abbot to the M.A.C.

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The middle of the street will feature decorative lighting, various types of seating, and shade amenities. Guests will be surrounded by art installations, live music, and live performances. Free recreational activities and games will also be placed, city officials say this is all to help businesses recover from the pandemic, and hopefully bring more people back out. “We are obviously in recovery mode from the pandemic and this is just one piece of the puzzle that we’ve been implementing,” said Adam Cummins, from the East Lansing Community Development.

East Lansing always seems to have its own energy with MSU in the area and opening up Albert Street with no traffic allowed is going to create a comfortable area to socialize outdoors. There are a lot of activities being planned for the area. One thing to be aware of is that alcohol consumption will not be allowed in this area unless you are in a dining area of one of the local restaurants.

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We’re all looking for new things to do to get us out of the house and East Lansing is doing it. Make plans to join some friends this month with this new activity area, you will start seeing a lot more activities like this coming with Covid restrictions subsiding and the weather getting warmer.


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