This one is going to be a tough one to write but I hope some of you can find it resonating with you in some way.


You have been a huge part of our lives for centuries and that bond we have with you all is just so special.

There's a reason you are called "man's best friend" because that is the best way to really articulate just how special you are to us.

So why is it you don't live as long as we do? Why is it we form this bond, only to have to say "goodbye"?

Take my dog, Bella, for example. That little 4.5-pound Yorkie became the light of my life and my best friend when we got her about 12 years ago. She's an absolute angel. She's the best snuggler and she has been there for all of mine and my family's best and worst moments.

I can't tell you how many times she took her teeny tongue and licked away my tears. Yes, people did always say " let her lick your face?" and yes, yes I do.

Now, as Bella has gotten older, the last veterinarian appointment we had for her, they discovered a heart murmur.

We thought it was just something that happens, something we would have to monitor, but we thought we had plenty of time.

As of last week, though, her murmur became actual congestive heart failure. Now she is on medications to, not necessarily "cure", but manage her symptoms. The vet told us she's had dogs make it another two years on the same medications for the same issues so we have hope but it's a fear that is wearing on my mind constantly.

Dogs, what would we be without you?

It sounds crazy, but this dog became a priority in my life, she helped me discover myself, she got excited every time I came home when I sometimes was feeling my lowest.

Dogs, you bring us such joy. You know something is wrong with us before we even know ourselves. You know when and even where we are hurting and you always know just the thing to cheer us up.

There are not enough words in the world to describe how much dogs mean to us and I hope those of you who have had to lose that bond can relate and maybe offer some advice?

Dogs, I know I would be an absolute mess without you.

We all love you and those who tell you they are "just not dog people" are liars.

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