Oh, McDonald's,

How can I ever thank you enough?

Maybe I'm weird but I get very attached to certain items at certain fast food joints. I rejoiced when Taco Bell announced the return of their spicy potatoes but that excitement pales in comparison to the pure joy I felt when I heard the news you are bringing back Oragne Hi-C!

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That drink truly was what MADE trips to McDonald's for me as a kid.

Growing up, I really didn't like pop (or soda if whoever's reading this is one of those wrong-o's) but still wanted a drink with some flavor. That's where Orange Hi-C came in for me.

As I entered my years where I could drive myself to your welcoming, "golden arches" it was like getting a hug from my younger self when I would take that first oh-so satisfying sip of that "orange drink" as we called it.

Then, one sad day in 2017 when that hankering hit again, I was heartbroken to find out the Orange Hi-C was no longer available.

Look, I get it you weren't out to hurt people with that decision but you did.

However, I have to say you make up for it by bringing me over to the soda side (only saying "soda" here for the alliteration value, don't get it twisted) with your Sprite that stands above anyone else's. What do you do that makes it so electrifying? We can chat about that another time.

After four years of hearing our Orange Hi-C pleas, you have brought it back and in 2021, I now truly believe this is the year of our lord.

I will be counting down the moments until I can get my mitts on the largest Orange Hi-C I can get and I will make sure to "cheers" to you when I do.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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