I saw a lot of friends lose loved ones this year. Some to COVID. Others to life.

I was saddened by the passing of Neil Peart and Eddie Van Halen.

Closer to Michigan, radio Legend Dick Kernen passed away too. He gave me a bobblehead... That is like an award.

But when a friend around my age dies that I drifted apart from... It stings.

My friend Mike Paceleo died in November. It was around 11 years ago, was started the MSU Football Tailgate shows and Mike started showing up to every one. He was a huge football fan and we put him on the air to share his opinions. Eventually, we struck up a friendship. He wanted to start doing a podcast and I showed him how to record one and gave him a place to do it. For a sort time, he actually worked at our radio stations. He always had his birthday parties at Hooters in Lansing. I was never a huge fan but would always go for Mike, even just for a few minutes. He always made time for me. Even my wife went a few times.

He started working somewhere else, moved back to Texas and we drifted apart a bit. I was just deleting texts and saw one from him. The last time he text me was my birthday this year.

He had a stroke, never really recovered and passed away on November 21st at 50 years old. My wife broke the news to me. I never said much then because so much was going on and it needed to sink in. I'll really miss Mike. Looking back, I couldn't even find a picture of us together. I can't remember the last thing I even said to him. I am happy I took the time for him but he deserved much more. Like most people in my life, he was a better friend to me, than I was to him. Thanks Mike. Your smile, jokes and lust for life were infectious. So sorry to your wife Erica for her loss.

Thanks to all those who have supported me over the years. Sometimes, I just don't feel worthy. Hopefully 2021 will be better.


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