We all know social media is a wild place but it is also a place where we women have a lot to think more or worry more about.

Sure, a lot of times it seems like "innocent" fun but there are things that happen that are definitely concerning.

Fellow women, if you are like me, you use social media just as a way to show people your life and yes, sometimes it can be a source of confidence. A place where you can be yourself, let that shine and know others appreciate it.

However, if you are the type of woman who seeks most of her validation from social media, that's okay. Just please keep in mind to not compare yourself to others too much.

I know I use different apps in different ways. Twitter is where I talk about dumb jokes, random thoughts or just stupid things that happen to me. Facebook is one I only keep to people I know (friends and family) just as a way to keep up. Instagram, admittedly, is my "highlight reel" and I use it more as a photo album to showcase creativity, style, and yes, the best parts of my life.

I don't want anyone to think my life is all sunshine and lollipops, though.

Some people truly forget there are darker sides to social media. Literally anyone can create a profile and they may not have as good of intentions as you do.

Recently, comedian Kylie Brakeman posted just a short clip that shows a dive into a woman's social media messages she gets from people.

I'll admit, I laughed my a*s off because of how true this is. Then I realized how sad it kind of is.

Women, social media is a great place for us to exist and celebrate all the things that make us different. However, while some of these often creepy messages may seem "harmless" they may not be to another woman.

We need to still make sure to set boundaries. As someone who has lost count of how many messages I've gotten from men asking to be my "platonic sugar daddy", I know to just block these men and not interact.

However, it makes me nervous to think of the women who maybe don't know that these are often scams or could be dangerous trafficking setups and could potentially get themselves into dangerous situations over some creep giving them validation.

Also, men, if you are reading this, I can assure you no woman wishes to get a random picture of a stranger's junk...unless they ask for it. And I mean literally the words "send me a picture" come from her, not just you assuming "look at her, she was asking for it."

I get it, not all of these messages are met with creepy intent; however, women, as we benefit from the many affordances of social media, please make sure you are comfortable and safe as you do so.

We all know the stories and studies showing us how social media can often do more harm than good, so we need to be conscious of that and make sure we are using it as a force for good.

Uplift each other, be real, be raw, be confident in yourself, don't get caught up in comparisons and don't let your guard down.

I promise to strive to do the same and I promise to keep social media a fun and free place for women to be.

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