The Lions are mending fences with some of their former players. They have hired Barry Sanders and Chris Spielman to different positions in the organization. Going back to players who had winning roots in Detroit is paramount if we are to exorcise the loser demons that dwell within the organization.

I think the Lions are reading my stuff so... The next guy they NEED to bring back is Eric Hipple.

Eric Hipple was one of the most highly regarded Lions Quarterbacks ever in our house. Back in the early 80's he came out of Utah State and became the Lions QB... When he could stay healthy. He played for the Lions all of his career and retired in 1989. The year they drafted Barry Sanders.

After he retired, he endured personal tragedy and wrote about it in 2009's book "Real Men Do Cry."

Eric has battled depression and not just because he played for the Lions. Back in 2000, his 15 year-old son took his own life. He then turned to alcohol, was convicted of drunk driving, filed for bankruptcy. He has been to the bottom and knows there are worse things than losing a football game.

He has since turned his life around, does public speaking and warns other parents on warning signs of suicidal children.

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Eugene Gologursky

Eric Hipple is on a path to help others. I think he needs the Lions and the Lions need him. I am not saying he should be head coach or General Manger but get this man back involved in the Detroit Lions football organization. Inspiration is contagious. Winning is contagious. Surround that building with players who had heart and were winners. Winning will come. It has to.

They still need to mend fences with Erik Kramer. That is another story for another day.

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