I LOVE Champions so much we are Facebook friends. Today, I saw their post. Just a few hours ago.

After 20 years in Holt..Champions Sports Bar has closed their doors. We want to thank everyone for supporting us over the years. The people we have met, memories made and special occasions that were celebrated with us are appreciated and treasured. Cheers to Holt and thank you!!! 🍾🍺


You would thin the pandemic played a large role in it's demise.

About 11 years ago, we had the first WMMQ birthday party there and it was one of the most fun nights I ever had in radio. I met listeners that night I still talk to and that still listen.

For a couple years, it was our home of the WMMQ Tailgate Show. Every Saturday, we would go there, broadcast live and eat some delicious food.

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It's a PRIME location and likely only a matter of time before it becomes something else. I really hope it's another bar. It was nice to see that bar grow up and evolve over the 16 years I did live broadcasts from there. The garage door opening for the patio made a nice renovation.

The people and the relationships that I still have with some friends that I met there are the things most dear to me. Seeing everyone party and win stuff at the WMMQ birthday parties was really something special and some of my fondest memories of doing Lansing radio.

We will miss you Champions... Good Luck. Stay safe.

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