Atwood is a village in Banks Township, Antrim County, with US-31 cutting straight through.

Atwood's history goes way back to 1868 when it started as a lumber camp and post office. The village did pretty well for a brief time, incorporating a flour mill, general store, three churches, schoolhouse, and several stores. As the timber depleted, so did Atwood's population, and by 1905 the residency was down to 75 people.

Finally, in 1910, the post office closed down.

Atwood's most famous export – possibly – is author Rex Beach, who was born in Atwood on September 1, 1877. There have been over 30 motion pictures based on his writings, most notably The Spoilers, which was his second book, published in 1906. The Spoilers was made into a movie five times: 1914, 1923, 1930 (with Gary Cooper), 1942 (with John Wayne), and 1955.

Today a very few original old buildings remain in Atwood, most being renovated. But it still makes an interesting drive-thru now that you know a little bit about it. You'll find Atwood 13 miles south of Charlevoix on US-31.

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