This story means a lot to me. I know CJ Riemer. He has offered me a lot of inspiration over the last few years. I love the story Channel 6 did on him because you never hear the words Down Syndrome. It's not written anywhere in the article or mentioned in the story. I thought that was a very inclusive way of telling this story. Nice job, Ashley Graham.

My friend CJ has been doing a weather report for his Facebook friends. His awesome parents Randy and Cheri are also a source of inspiration for me. How they have nurtured CJ and encouraged him, has taught me a lot about how I'll need to be with my child. His parents are always finding ways to keep him active and challenging him.

I have seen him play basketball and make a shot in a game on the floor of the Breslin Center. His mom regularly post videos of his long distance shots, his dances down the driveway after school, when it was in. Plus, his love for Lake Lansing. He goes tubing a lot in the summer and it makes you want to hit the water, he has so much fun.

Cheri and Randy have inspired me to be a better parent and advocate for my child. CJ has shown me how much fun I am going to have with my Nugget.

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