It really is amazing, even to me, how productive we have been able to keep our 3 year-old during the pandemic. She used to watch a lot of tv. When my mom is here sitting and I am at work, I bet she watched around 3 hours of youtube crap per day. Since we have been home, that time has been cut down to about 15 to 30 minutes per day.

One thing we do to keep busy is go outside a lot. I noticed one day, she actually liked to help me around the yard. We got her a little wheel barrow and rake. No kidding, the kid helped us out for room and board.

The wheel barrow got a bit heavy so she converted her golf bag into a pine cone hauler... This kid is innovative. She sleeps well with all that fresh air. Plus, she is learning a few things and making some precious memories as our little helper.

Our little helper

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