Earlier in the week, I had lamented about a ginormous auction that I had won from the MSU surplus store. As luck would have it, there has been a pot of copper pennies at the end of the rainbow.

After picking up the final VHS tapes (that I still don't know what I'm going to do with), there were about 200 Classic Rock cassettes that will go nicely in the second vehicle that I also purchased this week.

In closing, here are a couple of ideas for the Spartan fan in your life that the MSU Surplus store could help with. Christmas is a mere 10 months away and that will give you plenty of time to purchase and surprise the football fan with a full size goal post.


Or, you could cut a spot in your driveway or garage for an 8' X 8' granite spartan logo. A truly one (of two) a kind available for a mere $250.00! The other one (not pictured) is more like a giant jigsaw puzzle. It might also be easier to transport. See it all at the MSU Surplus website by clicking here: MSU SURPLUS STORE


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